Vaccine mandates, eugenics, and racism share the same deplorable logic
Israel got massively vaxxed and is reaping the consequences
An Updated List Of Problems With the Mainstream Narrative
The problem is, same study showed greater risk of hospitalization for the vaccinated for both the Alpha and Delta variants!
The FDA had specific expectations on severe COVID-19 that were explicitly not met by Pfizer
1 Shot, 2 Shot, 3 Shots? This should have been studied prior to entering pivotal phase III registration studies.
The best reason for considering a third jab is because you believe Antibody-Dependent Enhancement is actually happening with COVID-19 vaccines
It is medical malpractice to give someone who has recovered from COVID-19 a vaccine
Antigenic Drift of Respiratory Viruses Such as SARS-CoV-2
Short Term Side Effects Versus Catching Non-Severe COVID-19 Still Not Favorable Risk Calculus For Taking the Vaccine
24% more deaths in vaccine group - 21 vs 17; Massive redactions in document as to composition and manufacturing
The Nuremberg Standard Still Matters