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Why Vaccine Mandates / Communist Medicine Are Unjustifiable Crimes Against Humanity

A Tale of Two Countries: Israel and Paraguay

The Top Reasons Not To Take the Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines

FACT CHECK(Overstates the Case): Lancet Study Shows Delta Variant May Double Risk of Hospitalization For the Unvaccinated

By Explicit Standards Set By the FDA on 10/22/2020 Pfizer's EUA Should Have Never Been Granted

Current Vaccine Conundrums Demonstrate Why You Do Real Phase II Trials

Why The Vaccinated Should be Terrified That the WHO Is Recommending a Third Jab

FACT CHECK (False!): You Need A COVID-19 Vaccine If You Previously Had COVID-19

Why It Is Highly Unlikely That Any Single Vaccine Will Eliminate COVID-19

What About the Vaccine's Ability to Prevent plain COVID-19?

COMIRNATY Summary Basis for Approval Document - The Difference in Deaths of Vaccine Versus Placebo Increases

Just Because a Product Is FDA Approved Does NOT Mean It is Not Experimental

41.6% Increased in Risk of Adverse Severe Outcome Over Control When You Take the Vaccine Including All Severe COVID-19 Cases

FACT CHECK (Overstates the Case): Oxford University study finds fully vaccinated Healthcare workers carry 251 times viral load compared to the unvaccinated proving the Covid-19 jabs make you worse

FACT CHECK (Context Needed): Claim that the FDA granted BLA Approval for a Different COVID-19 Vaccine That You Cannot Get

What Death? The Glaringly Obvious Secondary Endpoint Error on the COMIRNATY Label

A Focus on Risk Versus Reward

Why I Started This Blog

Separating COVID-19 Truth From Fiction